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Bringing Pets to India

Bringing Pets to India

Pets may be brought into India subject to various regulations.

Commonly dogs, cats and birds can be brought into India.

Other pets and animals may be considered according to import and animal protection laws applicable.

We work with our specialist partners "Globe Moving and Storage Company" to provide the following services:

  • Manufacturing or Arranging Kennels as per IATA regulations for safe Pet Transport
  • Arranging all necessary veterinary health examinations
  • Obtaining quarantine approvals from government authorities
  • Preparing All Customs & Airline Documentation for Pet Shipping
  • Arranging Pet boarding and Pet grooming either at origin or destination
  • Providing useful tips to pet owners on how to prepare the pet for transit
  • Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route
  • Selecting and Coordinating with our specialist Pet Transport companies at destination to arrange pickup of pet at destination
  • Door to Door Pet Transport
  • Full time support during pet transport
  • Ensuring your VIP Pet Transport services